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He ain’t heavy….

Frank Stallone, Ralf Schumacher, Carl Hoddle. Sports and entertainment are littered with less succesful siblings that have struggled under the weight of a family name. Another member of this unpopular club is about to make his bid for freedom. Matthew Hatton, brother of former two weight world champion Ricky ‘The Hitman’ Hatton has one last shot at the big time.

On March 5th at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA, Hatton will go up against the young man many are referring to as the future of Mexican boxing, Saul Alvarez.

For a long time Hatton laboured on the undercard of Ricky’s big fights, here and in the US. Matthew took on such pugilistic luminaries as Frankie Santos, Frank Houghtaling & Edwin Vazquez. All solid, if a little uninspiring, pros. A failed attempt at a British title eliminator and another failure for the Commonwealth crown did nothing to endear Hatton Jr to the British crowds, many of whom accused him of riding on Ricky’s coat tails. He was lambasted for dodging the big domestic fights when the truth is that he just wasn’t good enough to warrant them.

From my perspective little has changed in the time that Matthew has been the sole licensed Hatton boxer. He shined intermittently against some pretty average European fighters to win and then defend the vacant EBU welterweight title and again it looked like he’d slipped in the back door to gain recognition.

I make little secret of the fact that I am no fan of either Hatton brother. Ricky was a decent fighter whose record was hugely padded out by some judicious Frank Warren matchmaking rather than the world-class operator that the UK media painted him as. Matthew, it seems is an altogether different proposition.

Ever since Sky Sports started showing Matthew’s fights under the Hatton Promotions banner the talk of him getting a world title shot has got louder and louder. The increase in volume is in inverse proportions to the quality of performances. One can only assume that Sky are hoping to keep Hatton Promotions sweet in case they make a success of the matchmaking game. Having a pop at the CEO’s brother for being distinctly average is not a healthy business model.

In reality though none of this is really Matthew Hatton’s fault. He has an older brother who looks out for him and does what most siblings would do if presented with a similar situation. That said, I would be lying if I claimed anything other than a deep desire for a resounding Alvarez win on March the 5th. I’ve seen Alvarez fight a number of times now and believe me, he will be making a huge noise all over the world very soon. He is the future and Matthew Hatton is the wrong name from an over embellished past. Some people cast too big a shadow.


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One thought on “He ain’t heavy….

  1. James Goyder on said:

    The odds say it all. Alvarez is 8/1 0n to win the fight. A lot of the time with British boxers it is a case of protecting them long enough to get one big pay day. Ricky Hatton was the best light welterweight in the world for a while but he was never anywhere close to being the best pound for pound like people were trying to make out.

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