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Die Welt interview with David Haye.

This is a Google-translation of an interview with David Haye. It appeared this morning on the website of German newspaper Die Welt, (the orginal can be viewed here). I didn’t write any of this and am not claiming that I did in any way, I just wanted to share it. The original author is a journalist called Gunnar Meinhardt.

The World: Mr. Haye, you will have seen Vitali’s title defense?

David Haye: Of course, along with my trainer Adam Booth.

The World: And?

David Haye: I nearly went to sleep, because the fight was boring. The only exciting moment was the moment when Vitali suddenly in the eighth round on the ground.

The World: Was not that Klitschko has boxed convincing?

David Haye: Who saw this way, the old man wants to flatter. In fact, he looked very weak. He was slow, had no real concept and pumped like a bug. I saw nothing spectacular. Adamek was being tailored for Klitschko.

The World: What prompted you to for this assertion?

David Haye: Adamek got his head away not moved poorly and had no clout. Vitali has been clever, he always seeks out only dead victims. Opponents such as Shannon Briggs, the old, sick and übern mountain, or how Adamek to him because of his physical inferiority can not do anything. To shine against such types, this is no big deal.

The World: Harsh words, Mr. Haye. Why do you always have to blaspheme?

David Haye: I do not blaspheme, but telling you my opinion. And I think it’s an indictment of Vitali, if he can send the Briggs and Adamek not even right to the ground. The have even managed Steve Cunningham and Chad Dawson, who are not heavyweights. I had expected that Vitali makes two, three laps. I will still tell a, Vitali has a hard punch. This is ridiculous.

The World: The Vitali defeated opponents see very differently.

David Haye: You were also no serious challenger. It is also claimed that Wladimir has a deadly punch. This supposed best punch I’ve put away without what happened. These brothers are a bunch of fakes. I can assure you that Vitali beats hit me and certainly not around!

The World: So you’re saying that you would ask him?

David Haye: Yeah, I’m ready for him.

The World: So you are not – as announced – on her 31st Birthday on 13 October’s career end?

David Haye: I did indeed say that I at my 31st Birthday wishes to stop. But I never said that I would like to end with a defeat. If I had won against Vladimir, definitely would have been concluded. If Vitali is a coward but to surrender, I remain in my decision and I hear on 13 October definitively.

The World: And do you seriously believe, to have a chance against him?

David Haye: I hit him whacked I told him smash his chin when he holds out as provocative as the fight against Adamek. But I think Vitali will run away from me.

The World: You’re a loudmouth. They prophesied the same thing before the duel with Vladimir, and nothing has happened.

David Haye Wladimir is but also ran away when I was trying to beat. Or he clutched and pulled me to the ground. Unfortunately the referee had to go through all that was an impertinence. Vitali has indeed harder eggs, but also he is a scared rabbit.

The world: they are a genuine provocateur.

David Haye: Again, I tell you what I think. However, the good in a fight against Vitali would be that he tries not like his brother, to cling to and keep his opponent when it strikes hard. I guarantee: Vitali against it would be a much more exciting fight.

The world: they are but also how one nursed Adamek cruiserweight, much lighter and smaller than Vitali.

David Haye: Sure I can have physical handicaps, but unlike all the other punching me. I hit harder than the two brothers together. I am also much faster, more agile and much, much harder to hit.

The World: Vitali has already signaled that he was disrespectful to your behavior against the brothers have a special need to knock you. He said: “If Haye is lying unconscious on the floor can also be a broken toe no longer serve as an excuse.”

David Haye: Then he should report to my management and bagged the contract. He has the contact details. I’m waiting for him and urge him on: Vitali, introduce yourself, if you’re a man! I do not care where I box against him. I’m also on the moon. No fight in the heavyweight division will bring more publicity than the old Haye against Klitschko. I am the most popular heavyweights of the planet, and I can earn the most money.

The World: How long would you wait for Vitali’s commitment?

David Haye Wladimir wants to fight in December, we could, in February or March in the ring. That would be an ideal time. But still I can not imagine that Vitali has the courage. If you do, I guarantee to send him into retirement. He will fight and never again able to devote himself full time to politics.

The World: Have you any idea how you would promote the fight?

David Haye: This would require not a lot of words. I guess they know the saying: “You can not teach an old dog new tricks” (you can teach an old dog new tricks – dR). Vitali is an old dog that normally he belongs in the home for elderly Boxers.

The World: Have you ever been recovered from the defeat against Wladimir, who is also the world champion of the International Boxing Federation (IBF) and World Boxing Organization (WBO) is?

David Haye: Yeah, everything’s okay.

The World: Even your small right toe, which they had broken in training before the match with Vladimir?

David Haye: Also, the theme is history.

The World: What do you do now?

David Haye: I relax. I was just four weeks in Montego Bay in Jamaica, have spent much time there with Lennox Lewis. We’ve talked a lot about Wladimir and Vitali. Lennox has also given me tips on how I can beat Vitali.

The World: Has he seen Vitali’s fight?

David Haye: Yeah, and he had no other opinion than I do. He also said that Vitali is old and slow and only searches from opponents, who may not be dangerous. Lennox really want to see the fight between me and Vitali. When it comes to that, he is in my corner. He has promised me.


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